The morning after fall-out

The quite play last night was just that; Quiet, cooperative, fun play.

I had no reason to be paranoid, yet my gut was telling me to be wary. I have been mostly lucky, thus far, in relation to “the kids are quiet, they must be up to something”. It was rare that there were up to anything mischievious. Usually jsut quiet play.

One should always listen to their gut, however.

I was awoken, the third time since midnight, at 6.07am with noises from the big boys’ bedroom. Sounds of play. Not just any play, but the specific sounds of train play. The very train set-up that he had been specifically requested not to set up in that location.

That was my first lightbulb, red flag moment. Grumpykid having not have enough sleep and all that.

The second was the yelling at his younger brother, who broke into his mournful and really fucking annoying whingey cry that just pisses me off and I can’t feel even remotely sypmathetic towards his plight due to my levels of pissed offedness.

This yelling and whingy noise alerted Chippie to the fact that they were up and playing, leading him to climb out of our bed, via my face, shoving his elbow up my left nostril and his knee firmly into my twat, thunder down the hall, attempt to enter the bedroom and end up in a head-bashing, screaming mess on the floor, due to his wanting to play with trains.

And there we are, a good 23 minutes before I ideally like them to be out of bed, me barely able to open my eyes and already I’m yelling at them to shut up/behave/play nice, and, finally “right, pack the frigging trains up and this is why you were told not to set it up in your room in the first place!”


You know it’s gonna be a great day when you start it off by yelling, before the coffee machine has started working it’s magic…

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