The mother, the hypocrite

Ah, we really are back into the School Morning Routine; yelling, attempting to locate missing shoes, forgetting to make school lunches because we’ve just tripped over the missing shoes lying in the middle of the floor and yelling …

As per normal, I am last to get dressed, and race up the hall to my bedroom, toast in one hand, MUG in the other so I can locate whatever Appropriate To Wear To School Dropoff gear. I usually go for the nearly-four-year-old tracksuit pants that I wore during the huge phase of my last pregnancy and whatever shirt can pass for “exercise” wear.

As per also normal and that I wish would desist, Monkey Boy pretends to be hilarious and sticks his head around the door frame as I’m rushing to get dressed.

“Ha ha, I can see your boo-oobs!” he points out to me and whomever is passing by our front gate.

“Pervert, ” I reply, as this is the Word Of The Moment, overused by my eleven-year-old in any and all circumstances where he wishes to

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  1. Haha, just a typical school morning then really? Sounds a lot like my house, except that I’m trying to train my kids that when I shut my door that means that I am either going to the loo or getting changed and want some privacy. However, Miss 9 has decided that doesn’t count for her because we are both ‘girls’; and Mr 11 has decided that doesn’t count if he urgently needs me for something. Urgent being something as important as not being able to find the socks I thrust into his hands just moments earlier.

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