The Mums' Office Party

Working from home has many, many advantages.

You can work the hours that suit you – which generally mean around school dropoff and pickup times, through the ‘witching hour’ if you are able to avoid it, or you can totally write that time of day off as a lost cause and try not to go mental yourself.

You can start at 5.00a.m. if you want, or work till post-midnight to get stuff done.

It isn’t all fun and games however.

Actually, it’s not fun and games at all. It is very, very important work and the “work whenever you like” isn’t what those who don’t work from home perceive it to be. Stuff still needs to get done, and you do it when you can. Even if that means getting up at 5.00a.m. and working till well past midnight to get it done.

Also, if you work in an office, you get to miss the screaming tantrums and the full on sibling fisticuffs that go on when you are Trying To Complete Something Very Important That Needs Your Undivided Attention.

The other thing you tend to miss out on – and really, it’s the thing I miss the most – is the End Of Year Office Party. Mostly, I just miss the festivity of it all. I don’t miss the sloppy, drunken come ons, and the slutty behaviour from the person you least expect it from.

But I miss the ‘party’ element and the fun that comes with it.

It’s a bit like when you complete a huge goal that’s been stressing you for months and you do a happy dance and there’s no one to celebrate with, and those you first see are generally more interested in

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