The Need to be Alert when you are a Mummy

Another day of vague muddling through day and wishing someone where there to relieve me.

Another day of totally screwing up making coffee in new machine.

Note To Self: Make sure pot is actually in machine before pressing “On”, otherwise you are left with extremely sarcastic husband, a huge mess to clean up and incredibly weak coffee. Not much fun all round.

Grumpy heads off to work (after making himself a coffee – much safer) and I sit to feed Chippie.

Thankfully, I have him to keep me alert. Easy done when he sinks his brand new teeth – yes, two of them, that sprung up out of nowhere, with no warning signs at all – into my left nipple.

There’s an awareness no amount of well made coffee will give you. And something no amount of well made coffee will fix.


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