The New Dad and the Lack of Empathy

Nipple Detachment Injury gone beyond painful and is now entering excruciating stage.

And the wound has gone from a couple of millimetre to a full centimetre long.

It no longer REALLY, REALLY HURTS. It is now incredibly fucking painful!

Grumpy Pants tries hard, but somehow has not yet mastered the art of Saying the Right Thing. Nor does he fully understand the concept of Empathy.

He has offered to nick to the 24 hour supermarket at 3.13am to purchase a tin of formula. But if he does that, who am I going to abuse when attempting to feed small baby? Seriously, where is his head at.

The last few nights, he’s been helping to push Chippie’s head onto my right breast. Because I’m flinching and attempting to avoid the intense pain.

Um. No, not helpful at all.

So, he rubbed my back lovingly. Whilst pushing me forward so baby can attach. Nup. Not terribly helpful either.

What I’d really like him to do is allow me to pinch his nipple whilst I’m feeding – or perhaps his scrotum – and apply pressure of a force equivalent to the pain I am experiencing when feeding on that side. Which seems to be getting worse with each feed.

But to yell at me and pull his leg out of the way when my foot just happened to be resting on his inner thigh, and the toe-curling pain caused me to curl my toes quite hard

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