The Next Day About Last Night

Last night’s Mums’ Night Out! was brilliant!

Loved, loved, loved it.

I love the atmosphere, I love the opportunity to not have to worry about anyone or anything other than myself, I can just relax, have a glass or wine or seven, dance like no one is watching and just have pure, unadulterated fun.

Despite my dismal achievements of the day before, losing the USB containing the sponsors presentation half an hour before leaving and having to copy it onto another USB in a frenzied state just moments after I lost my mind, I still managed to pack my bag for a sleepover, complete with excess undies, remember to take everything else I needed, as well as do my hair and makeup and get dressed in the gorgeous frock sent to me by MissMel.

I think I did done good.

My bra worked, it had two straps so my boobs weren’t lopsided and I suffered no bruising from the Horrible Bedside Table Jabbing in endured.

Things were looking up.

I even managed to get up and do my speech I had unprepared for this 1oth anniversary of Mums’ Night Out!

Which is a huge achievement, I realised, as I was speaking of it. I was part way through a uni degree, had a two year old and was

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