The non-water baby

Our Family Holiday so far, has included a day long visit to the area we’ve been looking at moving to, a few hours at the beach (ah, surf, sand and sunburn) which involved one child heading off to as close to Chile as possible, another screaming when the water came anywhere near him and proceeding to sit on the beach and dig holes, whilst the third (the middlest child) faffed about with a bit of both.

Following this couple of hours on the sun, sand and sea, it was taking the Littlest one for a shower and change back into clothes, so the life guards didn’t have to leave their post to see which part of his body had been ripped off by rabid sea creature, which is what one could only have assumed given the volume and horror of the screams emanating from his little, pre-schooler mouth, whilst I made vain attempts to call Monkey Boy back from his solo voyage across the Coral Sea before heading out after him and dragging him back in.

Godzilla, meanwhile, was shiverring cold, and had the only towel in the bag – and I swear I packed way more! We got his rash vest off and got him standing in the sun, wrapped in towel, where he proceeded to roll around in the sand; yes, immediately after we had got him rinsed off.

Head back to car, where we found the other four towels. Handy.

The next day involved tourist stuff to local tourist attraction which included, because it just has to with us, a steam train. It also housed a petting zoo, with some crazy goats, one of which escaped when we attempted to enter the petting bit, ran up the stairs and almost got across the bridge to “the wild” … also known as the bits where visitors are wandering around, unsuspecting of crazy, escapee goats. We got him/her back where it proceeded to eat hair, shirts and short’s pockets before we were forced to escape.

Another trip to a different beach the next day. Monkey Boy vanished again, and Chippie screamed some more Blue Murder. I’m not used to non-water babies. I was one. My first two kids were one. Ones?

Thankfully, I had formal training with pre-schoolers and water and did some calming, comforting talk, reassurance and “trust me, you can trust me” stuff. I held his hand and walked along

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