The Not All Bad Birthday

I did that thing (or one of those things) that I, personally, abhor having done to me, i.e. sending invites home with six days notice.

Mind you, I could easily have got away with it, as every parent rang and said “I’m so sorry, I was only just handed the invite! He’d/She’d love to come, I’m sorry for the late notice!”

I could have chuckled and said “Ah, kids, what can you do … you can’t live with ’em, you can’t shoot ’em …”

But I didn’t. I proferred and embarrassed giggle before non-chalantely waving it off with a “low key, you know” and being reminded that I’d neglected to put a ” ’til” time on the invite. As in 12.00 noon until 3.00p.m.

That’s because … low key, you know ….

Anyhoo, I was also feeling terribly much like a failure, having hastily stuck a few pieces of my mind together long enough to be silly enough to send out last minute invites. I had to do something!

We ran a few basic ideas of What Cake To Do for the day, changed minds seven times and ultimately decided on some kind of Minecraft themed cake. Given I have no clue as to anything about Minecraft, I was relying on input.

Input from perfectionist, who commenced with “Can you get exactly this colour blue?” and, at various intervals through the process, added “Um, can you take it down approximately 7 and three-quarter shades” and “It needs to be approximately 2.639% darker”.

I put him to work making some of the additional bits:

Because I’m an awesome mum like that and force them to make their own cakes if they want a damn cake for their birthday. That’s two days in three I’ve got him doing this … I’m on a roll.

The Kambook Angel Cake

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