The Nothing

One of the things I really struggle with during the school holidays is the distraction/diversion/obstruction to my work.

See, I really, really LOVE what I do.

Part of it, absolutely, is doing that thing I am so intensely passionate and compassionate about. That thing I have little to no control over and that I just wake up motivated and driven to do.

That thing that is my “calling” according to some.



The other thing I do, that few people know I do, is write for others. Ghost write. Freelance.

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  1. I was just talking about this with my mum not all that long ago. She was a stay at home mum for the entire time and she had asked me why my going back to work was part of maintaining my mental health. I equated it to the same as her needing time to be with her horses. Kids don’t make me whole, they are a part of me and a very important part but so is working in a team of adults and achieving goals that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to achieve had I stayed home. When I have that quiet moment during hanging out washing or vacuuming the floors I’m thinking about how to approach the next day I’m at work whether it’s a staffing issue or coming up with ideas on how to use up stock. I finished my apprenticeship as a chef while pregnant with my second child because for better or worse food is part of my creative outlet so to answer your question, yes I have absolutely felt “the nothing” 🙂

  2. The Nothing. I was lost for so long and couldn’t figure out why, I wondered what the hell was wrong with me, seriously with an amazing hubby and 3 delicious kids why was I feeling, just nothing. I felt I should be fulfilled I had achieved all I had dreamed of, a wife, a mum, but I needed an outlet just for ME, then I went back to writing and wow I am no longer in the Nothing, I am still loving my hubby & kids and even my 5 chickens and my blogging puppy (seriously yes I am that crazy, my puppy has her own Website too), but I am happy, I am Something, I am ME, I write and as I always say, “writing for me is like breathing fresh air, I NEED IT to survive!” So I get it!
    Love mg

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