The Obstetric Appointment

Had another one scheduled for today.

My Ob is off on a jaunt overseas, and apparently wasn’t taking bookings for those particular locations.

Was scheduled to have appointment with is receptionist.

Who does also happen to be a midwife and know what she is talking about.

We were slightly late – 5 minutes – but only because we’re not used to our Ob appointments being on time. We actually thought were were closer to 53 minutes early.

We took my blood pressure, which was fine, 100/60. Suprising, really, given that at the time it was being taken I was giving Grumpy the finger for making some smart arse comment about pregnant women and whales and getting up at 6am and thinking he was hilarious.

Then she checked the heart beat. All good.

Blood results all received. Finally. Did have minor panic when she asked if we ever got the results from the bloods I had to have done and redone. Then she found them and informed me everything was perfect.

Then she did the fundus measurement, and informed me that the “baby is growing nicely”.

Why do they do this? We’ve already established that the fundus size is “bigger than average”, and I went through the whole thing with Godzilla.

It’s not “growing nicely”, its another “bloody huge baby”. Why can’t they say this? Is “growing nicely” just Obstetric Terminology like “uterus” and “fundus” and “vaginal mucus”?

Hobbit foot gone and forgot to ask about it.

Probably all the stress the rest of the people in the room were causing me.

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