The Oxygen Mask Phenomena

We at Real Mums strongly believe that the mental, emotional and physical well being of a mother is first and foremost essential for the mental, emotional and well being of children.

In this increasingly babycentric/kidcentric society, we feel it is even more important that you be a little ‘selfish’ (not our word, just the word many, many others use should you deign to ‘put yourself first’ from time to time).

Like when the air pressure in a plane cabin drops whilst in flight? The steward explicitly states you sort out your own oxygen mask before helping others.


Cos if you do other first, there’s a good chance you fall down unconscious or dead then you’re no good to anyone! All those people; the babies, the elderly, the already not doing so great, they’re all fucked if you’re on the floor out of it.

photo credit: The Clear Communication People via photopin cc

So, please, shun the feelings of guilt and have a good hard look at how you’re doing yourself.

It’s important.

Feel your boobs. Regularly.

Go get your pap smeared.

And have your heart health checked.

It came as a bit of a surprise to me that heart attacks – you know that thing that happens to aging, corporate me who smoke a lot? Yeah, that thing – is the

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