The pain of the dad joke

I’ve warned my kids on numerous occasions about inciting Dad Jokes in their dad.

I’ve even had to leap across a fully laden (with unfolded washing) kitchen table in order to prevent a five year old from pulling his father’s proffered finger. After I’d given him a very stern warning not to.

I left the three of them sitting on the couch for mere seconds.

And then I hear it …

“Mu-uum!” I can hear the dread in his voice.

“Dad’s telling me one of his stupid jokes again.”

It took some time to calm him down. I mean, our sides were splitting and we were unable to stand with the laughing we were doing. The rolling around on the floor was beginning to get dangerous.

Ok, that last bit was a lie.

All I could do was hug him, and warn him again … please don’t say anything that will make Dad tell one of his jokes.

3 Replies to “The pain of the dad joke”

  1. Ah yes, ye olde dad joke. Good advice to keep your boys away from such things. You may well break a generational cycle and spare your grandchildren the pain…

    Of course, your hubbie may inflict it on the grandkids and cause dad jokes to skip a generation. [shudder]

    By the way, what do you call a girl who sets fire to bills? Bernadette.
    Make sure you tell your husband that joke…

  2. Um, no. No I don’t think I will tell him that one.

    His repertoire is bad enough without adding to it.

    (How’s your chicken? Mine’s fowl (foul) – hilarious!!!!)

    Oh, and grandad jokes are MUCH WORSE. If I hear that vegetarians can’t eat teddy bear biscuits one more time, someone might just get stabbed with a teddy bear biscuit!

    I’m trying to break the cycle, but, sadly, I think its a nature, not nurture, phenomena LOL

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