The parents are out, let's have a party

This morning started out like many of our Sunday mornings; me up early, checking emails and my community, drinking coffee and attempting to drown out the sounds of screaming and thumping coming from my bedroom, Grumpy Pants in our bedroom, still in bed, “fighting” with all three boys, because that is what they do. Sunday mornings are, apparently, not for going to church, but for fighting and screaming and being very loud.

This is followed by the “I want pancakes” whiney chant. This is Grumpy’s job, so I leave him to it. I am not in the mood for pancakes, so whip up my “usual”; crispy bacon and poached eggs on toast, accompanied by grilled tomato and lemon-pepper spinach.

The jumping and chaos, meanwhile, continue on the couch, and the inevitable “I wanna watch Toy Story Free” commence. The remaining children, Grumpy and I partake in a bout of harmonious, family exasperated sighing. Monkey Boy puts the DVD on while Chippie shoves a variety of DVDs down behind the TV. In attempts to break the Toy Story 3 monotony, he selects “Russian” as the language of choice for this morning’s viewing.

They are most surprised when Spanish Buzz speaks … Spanish. Just like in the English version! Who’d’ve thunk it! Russian Spanish is identical to English Spanish. Only the subtitles were in Russian, which set off a giggling fit.

Breakfast consumed, Chippie and I rush off to a four-year-old birthday party. Not a party that has been running, continuously, for four years, but a party to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the birth of a friend from childcare.

Being only two hours long, I choose to stay. As do all the other parents, of which I only know two; a husband and wife team. Being four, there tend to be friends from a variety of places and other groups and institutions, so those I know

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