The Power of the (TV) word

A wide eyed Godzilla approached me today.

“I want some of your chock,” he every so kindly informs me.

“What chocolate?”

“No, not chocolate! Chock!”


“No. Chock!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I say

(and think to myself, how the hell does he know about my secret chocolate stash and am I going to have time to hide it before he gets to it again?)

“The chock! On the microwave.”

Ah, my big block of Toblerone. A thank you gift I received a few days ago.

“This?” I ask, pointing to it. “My Toblerone? Chocolate?”

“Yeah. The chock!”

Then it dawns on me.

He’d been watching Chicken Run – the movie. The chickens build a chicken plane in which to escape, and there is a very, very clever scene where, just before takeoff, someone yells “Chocks away” (an aeroplane related term, commonly used) and another chicken removes a Toblerone from under the wheel.

As I said, very clever.

My kids are just far too influenced by the TV. I must have a word to it about who is boss around here!

(And must hide all my chocolates better!!)

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