The problem with kids is …

… they can develop a sense of humour.

And use it at the most innappropriate times. And get you into lots of trouble. And find it hilarious.

Off to the Aquarium we went this afternoon. Me very tired after bugger all sleep last night. Bugger all more than normal – which is less than normal. Now I’m confusing myself.

Anyhoo, I tired. We’re walking around and looking at this and that in the way of aquatic creatures, explaining why the snow in the new penguin exhibit is yellow, and off on a tangent about the importance of not eating yellow snow.

This drains me somewhat, and we continue walking and looking and I answer more quesitons. I find something of interest, and think Monkey Boy may also be interested.

I wander over and grab his hand mumbling about “come and look at this” when it occurs to me that I didn’t actually have a close look at the body or face of the hand that I grabbed. I just grabbed the nearest hand of a body wearing a white shirt (did Monkey Boy wear a white shirt today?!) that I’d noticed out of the corner of my eye.

I quickly glance around, and mumble under my breath “Oh, good, it is you!”

Monkey Boy, smart arse extraordinnaire, seizes his moment, waits until we are close to a large group of people, looks up at me and yells “Who the hell are you?!”

Which, as you can imagine, caused some chaos and confusion (to quote The Fat Controller, which we seem to do a lot of).

That sorted we went on our way.

On the other hand, the great thing about kids is that they have simple minds and find things hilarious.

Like, when you walk past the big fish tank in the middle, and point to a large fish and yell “Oh, my Cod!”

That, apparently, is really funny.

When they get it.

Like two hours later on the tram. And keep repeating it over and over and over ……

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