The problem with smart kids

Finally got time to catch up with Grumpy about … stuff.

Mostly the kids. What else do you chat about when you have a few spare minutes?

I got him up to date on how they were going. Both reading exceptionally well, both doing well at school in all subjects. The teachers of both the kids have commented that they are “very smart”.

Well, that’s a load off my mind. Because who wants stupid kids?

So, there they are, running around naked and calling each other names and using words that I’ve asked them repeatedly not to.

Godzilla decides “crap” is an extremely hilarious word and has taken to running around the house, yelling it as loudly as possible.

“Stop saying that word! It’s not ok. Stop now!”

“Ok, crip, crip, crip” and proceeds to run around the house, still naked, yelling “CRIP” at the top of his voice.

Meanwhile, Monkey Boy is refuting the fact that he told Godzilla to yell the word out, and

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