The real value of a true friend

Every now and again, stuff … or just something … happens in your life that knocks you sideways.

It stops your breathing, races your heart and affects your ability to think.

This happpened to me this morning.

It started with an email I received on Friday afternoon, via my blog. from a PR company requesting my attendance in Shanghai on behalf of Coca Cola.

PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yeah, these spammers hare hilarious! They really, really should be shot for teasing the likes of mums who also happen to run their business form home. Hell, telling them they’ve been requested to meet for a coffee or glass ofwine up the street is also quite a significant tease.

Hahahahahaha. Bastards.

Also, being a mum, my paraniod levels had skyrocketed and I absolutely refused to click on any links and contemplated a trip to a library in another state where I could download a virus onto their computer.

The website looked legit, once I’d got the courage to type the URL in, and the phone number on the site matched that on the email. Hmm.

I almost picked up the phone then, then remembered that normal people don’t work at 10pm on a Friday night, they’re at the pub pashing the guy from the mail room. Or chick from accounts. Whatever floats your boat.

Then it was the weekend, where people also still aren’t in the office or organising a relaxing social evening by cooking a 3-course meal for two families of five.

So I left it till this morning. Ditched the kids at school, walked briskly home, checked my list that reminded me to call this guy and several other contacs. I nearly didn’t, because exciting things don’t happen to me.

And “why me?”

Convinced now that it was real, that was the point my breath stopped, my heart raced and, quite clearly, my ability to think clearly was shot to pieces.

“Hi,”I said, followed by introducing who I was. He seemed pleased to hear from me.

“Thanks for the invite,” I continued with and proceeded to tell him I was unable to make it. A really bad week, lots on, couldn’t coordinate it all and make it work, had to be in Bendigo the evening of the day we were coming back.

Besides. It had to be a joke. Nothing exciting happens to me.

My MSN flashes “Hello” says awesomely fabulous friend. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, just knocking back a trip to Shanghai. Paid for by Coca Cola.”

This is where she showed how true a friend she was.

“WHAT?” she yelled at me, including all the appropriate MSNy type emoticons that coveyed, graphically, that perhaps I

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  1. Amanda, what a fantastic opportunity – cannot wait to read all about it when you next write about it… Enjoy the experience and also the flight solo!!!! How exciting will that all be
    Take care and best of luck – kick arse…

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