The relaxing end to a busy day

Had friends over for a bbq lunch. Including their kids.

Lots of running around and noise and mess, and lots of wine partaken.

Monkey Boy decided to try on his Mr Rude act again and was threatened with not being allowed to attend the birthday party later that afternoon.

His lovely, caring school friend became quite alarmed. “You mean, he won’t be going to the party?!”

“Not if he keeps misbehaving. Sorry, no he won’t.”

“Oh. Ok. Well, if he’s not going, can we have his invitation, because we’ve lost ours and don’t know where to go?”

Nothing like having your friends stick up for you when your Mother tells you off in front of them, really.

A dad takes them to the party, a mum stays behind. We chat, relax and have a great time. Grumpy then drives her home and rings to let me know that he’s doing the party pickup, and has left Godzilla behind to play as he needs to bring the school friend home too.


I have been left alone. To my own devices. Totally, completely alone. No interruptions, questions, whinging, or … or … noise!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. I don’t know what to do.

Grumpy being the flagrant gossip that he is could be hours. Hours.

I feel …. a strange sense of bliss and stress all at the same time.

I run a milk bath, light some candles – the only two that I own – grab my book and sink into the warm water.

A page and a half in, the troups return. Godzilla hops in the bath with me, and Monkey Boy starts his 20 questions.

(Why do they call this “20 questions”, because at last count it was 497,000 and still going?)

“Why do you have candles? Why don’t you have the light on? But why those candles? No, those ones? Why don’t you have other ones? But why do you like to have a bath with candles? Why do you want the light off? Oh, you’re being environmentally friendly aren’t you, Mum? That’s why you have candles, isn’t it? You’re trying to conserve energy, aren’t you?”

“NOOOOOOOO!!! I’m just trying to have a nice relaxing bath in peace!”

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