The Rollercoaster Reality

Generally, I just go about my day, day to day, doing stuff that needs doing; spending time with my online community, writing big documents and articles, blogging, school runs, cooking dinner, sending off sponsorship proposals, wiping shit off floors/shoes/underpants …

I don’t often think about it.

And some days, I do.

Because, whilst most days are relatively mundane insanely chaotic and full of ups and downs, some days, the ups are pretty damned big. Other days, the downs can be pretty damned low. And whilst things in other areas are just plodding along at their insane routineness, other areas aren’t.

Like today … today, I had some brilliantly fantastic news. Exciting news. That kind of news that makes you smile big, then go completely numb, followed by “Oh fuck!” and big smile again.

I got this news after a relatively late night last night, working on a rather complex document, a morning of naked children eating porridge, a child having

2 Replies to “The Rollercoaster Reality”

  1. Oh how your day sounded so familiar and made me laugh too.
    Its probably best no to think too much about all we fit in to 24 hours!!!
    Looking forward to hearing the goss.
    I’m envying you your “Oh! fuck!” moment.
    Haven’t had one of those big “hit you in the face and make you smile ’cause it’s so fantastic” things happen to me for a while. Mine is just around the corner hopefully.
    Cant wait to hear yours.

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