The school classroom pet and vital decision making for mums

Last night was Monkey Boy’s turn to bring home the school pet … a chamelion called “Rex”.

Thankfully, not a real one, as it would probably have been eaten by bubs or ended up in the washing basket, not to be found for 4 days or when I next found the time to do the washing, whichever was soonest.

Rex is based on a book of the same name, where the kids’ names are drawn out of a hat and they get to take Rex home and write about what he did at home in a special diary that also gets sent home. Last night was our turn.

Our turn also involved taking lots of photos of Rex, because Monkey Boy a) doesn’t like drawing much and b) trying to get Monkey Boy to draw is something akin to sticking hot pokers in your eyeballs, shoving bamboo skewers under your toenails, pointy bit first,

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