The School Musical

I’m not sure if it was an overflow of my morning, or the fact that it seemed to be lacking in communication and a little bit rushed or what, but I really just wasn’t looking forward to the school concert this evening.

Maybe my mind was just full of other things.

Or maybe, I’m a realist?

Thankfully, the constumes were pretty easy, my kids didn’t put their hands up for any sizeable roles (lack of confidenec? peer pressure? lack of acting ability? Pfft to that last one!) and I had to

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  1. That had hubby in tears of laughter – is that because he escaped half way through with our 4 year old daughter who had enough..

    “The preps made their way out on the stage again and

  2. ROFL love it 😀

    We have the school musical performance at assembly on Monday which sucks because half the kids parents work and have to miss it – and I’m so damn envious of them!

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