The Skylander Prelude

Godzilla, as per normal, commenced his morning in a mood that no one should be in in the morning – cheery.

Or, from my perspective, grating. Ultimately, annoying.

He was bouncing around singing “If you’re happy and you know it ..” and I was unable to determine exactly what he was doing to demonstrate his happiness, because a) I had my hands over my ears, b) I was yelling SHUT UP, and c0 he was giggling so much, the words were indecipherable.

Thus, I suspect they included such words as “bum”, “penis” and “poo”. Amongst others.

I went with “If you want mum to be happy, shutthefuckup” which caused much laughter and had the effect of including his two siblings in the morning’s annoyingness.

I was also running slighly behind time, which worked for me, but I needed them out of the house.

Hmmm. “If you’re serioulsy pissed off yell SHUT. UP. NOW! and stomp your feet.”

So I did.

“SHUT. UP. NOW!” *stomp* *stomp*

And they put there shoes on and I farewelled them at the door.

“Bye, love you, have a great day, go now, go, go, GO. Oh, for fuck’s sake, just GO!”

“Why? Where are you going?” Monkey Boy asked.

“Oh, a Wii thing, go.”

“Like a Nintendo Wii thing?”

“Nah. A Sony Wii thing,” I clarified, complete with facetious tone and rolling eyes.

“Or,” I hear Godzilla as he takes off up the street. “A penis or vagina wee?”


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