The Strange Week

This week has been a little, well, odd.

Much of it has been normal. The kind of normal I’m forced to accept and just ‘roll with’.

Like those times I am invited to an event I really want to go to and have to cancel at the last moment due to changes of plans and lack of communication and sticking to the rules that stop me from going spare.

Like when I expend a considerable portion of my waning energy, taking twenty minutes to convince the pre-schooler we’re walking to pick his older brother up from school – just so I can get in a walk, I’ll take anything some days – because his Dad just rang to say he can collect middlest child, only to have to abruptly then convince him we are now not walking, despite us being halfway there. Dad had called back to say he had a change of plans.

A further number of however many minutes and the remaining vestiges of my energy are spent curtailing the tantrum of said pre-schooler. He appears not to enjoy being fucked around much either. I just have to be adult about it.


No, the abnormalities came with my not just being organised each morning, this week, but being

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