The Sun is Shining, the Birds are singing … one load of washing hung, the next in the machine

I walked the kids to school this morning, and home on my own. What a beautiful day.

I couldn’t wait to get home to … put another load of washing on? What happened to my life? What happened to “geez, I might take the day off and go to the beach”? Or ring a friend and have coffee al fresco? Or even sit out the back in the sunshine and read a book?

Instead, I’m pulling knickers from the inside of jeans legs and tossing scrunched up socks in to the washing machine. My philosophy is “if it goes in the basket like that, it goes in the machine like that”. Whilst I may have no particular life that any normal person aspires to, I’m not spending it unbuttoning shirts and unscrunching socks! Fuck that.

After rapidly hanging a load of washing, I must race off to the supermarket to purchase more bi-carb soda and white vinegar for the volcano featured in tonight’s science fair at school. And race back home to put another load on before preparing dinner early so we have something to eat when we get home from science fair. And pack some snacks for swimming and science fair so I don’t have to contend with grumpy, hungry tired kids and they don’t have to contend with grumpy, tired, hungry mummy.

Grumpy Pants takes them swimming whilst I gather ingredients for homemade pizza (consisting of bought pizza bases and tins of pineapple :)) and I meet them at the fair. Monkey Boy insists on setting his (one of about 18) volcano off, before anyone else is even in the room to watch. Within half an hour the paint has started to come off parts of the volcano and we have a pool of bi-carb and vinegar at its base. Thank goodness for the curledy uppy sides of the base! Until that overflowed and a teacher had to come and empty it out.

I left early – on the belief it was to have dinner ready for when the rest of them got home, but we all really know its was because I was bored stupid and just slightly over watching volcanos “erupt”.

And I was tired, cold and hungry ….

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