The "Terrible Twos" and the "Mindfuck Threes"

So … there I was, checking my emails, the three-year-old having his stock standard naked breakfast (Porridge in the Nude) after a small dose of some of his also stock standard fucking with my mind, a la “I wan’ porridge! No, not dat one – I wan’ muesli!” then, just as I put the porridge away and pour muesli into his bowl, “I wan’ porridge!” and throws himself to the floor (naked) and screaming!

I walked away.

I glance at an email that says something like “the Terrific Twos and Triumphant Threes” or some such equally fluffy, sweep reality under the carpet, sickly sweetness that made me want to vomit, laugh and punch the screen all

3 Replies to “The "Terrible Twos" and the "Mindfuck Threes"”

  1. Fuck YES! Also… apparently at this age they need “guidance not punishment”.
    Well… ok… “point your arse AT the toilet when you’re taking a shit, otherwise mummy is going to lose HER shit when she has to clean the outside of the bowl for the 4th time this week”.

    Gorgeous, smart (too smart sometimes), little sponges… lots happens between 3 and 4. I just wish it would happen without all the other stuff.

  2. Also, I getcha. At home they are Satan personified. But when we go out they are angels – I guess at least they understand that home is somewhere they can be comfortable and just let it all hang out (literally)!
    So as much as I’d love some peace at home sometimes, I’m kinda glad they get their priorities right.

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