The things Mums do are just never appreciated.

This morning I asked a simple, small favour of my beloved eight year old son.

Whoops. Sorry, eight and a half year old son.

Something like “Can you please move out of the way?” or “Can you open the door for me please?”

Ever the smartarse – he must have been speaking to his father earlier, coz he was in fine form this morning, also – he replied with “No. What have you ever done for me?”

Hmmm, let me count the ways.

“Gee, um, I was about to go and make your lunch like I do every morning, but I can just not.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“And, given I make you lunch every morning, what have you ever done for me?”

“Well. I eat the lunch you make every day.”

Fairy nuff, too, then.

3 Replies to “The things Mums do are just never appreciated.”

  1. oh joy … sounds like the age my now 16yr started ….nip in the bud quick – quit making his lunch 😉

    ps found you via twitter

  2. I find myself in a continual wonder about the ‘youth’ and younger generation of today. What is this new generation of no no nos we have in our midst…. where did all these no’s or “only if’s” come from?
    Not talking so much of the littlies [in reference to all those not yet in the work force].. but the rest..
    Since when does the most junior of junior employee question that five minutes either way on their time sheet…? Why does the junior not “just accept” how things are in the “real world”. Some of the places I have performed the payroll function actually deduct to the nearest quarter hour… And now I am working out five minute intervals?
    It seems generation by generation ‘our kin’ are becoming more picky and spoilt.. [again not talking of your kids just voicing a concern]
    When I had my first job I was meant to be ‘bookkeeping’ and ended up counting jumpers that were packed in tea chests [with sharp edges that ruined a lot of my good ‘work clothes] in a basement warehouse that backed onto an alley that serviced a nightclub and stank of stale urine and old sex… I also on occasion picked and packed orders out of the same if the casuals were too busy or away…
    Not these days, I find myself boggled by these new-to-the-workforce-want-to-start-at-the-top absolute BRATS!!
    let me tell you, when I started in the work force I had a BACHELOR in Accounting… I still had to do the shit jobs like go to the shop for the bosses juice every morning, and argue with them [the juiciers] for the ‘better apples’. And I learned heaps… Studying prepares you for some things but not how to managed and survive in a workplace… JUNIOR positions are where you learn that stuff.
    Whatever happened to humility? Seems this new ‘master race’ has none… They have their piece of paper which they worked [relatively] hard for and they think that’s it, that’s made them….
    I am a small business owner and connot imagine the headache it will create for me when I expand to the point of hiring a pa/junior. Its getting close and I find myself locked in conflict over who/what to hire. Do I run the risk of hiring a brat only to find out later they have stolen my clients or ruined me with their slackness, or I end up doing all the junior stuff I hired them for and they do the more creative work?? Or do I go to the other end of the spectrum and hire a returning mum or older person who I KNOW will be reliable but may not be interested in a position expanding… Does this new ‘generation’ use any initiaitive, are they willing to be trained? Haven’t seen an example of it to date…

  3. Haha Trish- he got the message pretty quick!

    That’s why he can come back with the responses he does.

    Julia – excellent concerns, but perhaps not for this blog. I do have in my plan an plan to blog on a similar topic. Do you mind if I use some of your comments?

    As for this particular interaction – please don’t be concerned – we have great relationships in this household, and a great sense of humour. The kids know where they stand 🙂

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