The things we do, as Mums, as women

Grumble grumle.

After already leaving this “see you in 3 months” appoinment for something in the vacinity of 8 months, ringing my Ob/Gyn and scheduling an appointment, cancelling it and rescheduling closer to 9 months after I was supposed to see him, Grumpy comes home and tells me he has to work.

I’d strategically organised this appointment, with military precision, so that Grumpy could come along with me. Or, more precisely, I could go on my own and he could take Chippie, do the school pick up and take other two to swimming lessons, leaving me a good hour or so, even if Ob/Gyn was running late, of kid free time at home. As it turns out, I will now have to either cancel appointment, take Chippie with me, organise someone else to pick the kids up and they miss swimming. Unless, of course, my Ob/Gyn is not running an hour and a half late and I’m in and out and have time to get kids and take then swimming. That includes strapping Chippie into car seat several times.


I spent morning not wanting to make decision and preferred option of lying in bed, comatose, while someone else decided things for me. Eventually summon up enough energy to ring someone and ask them for help *argh!), and sway wildly

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