The things we do, because … we're idiots

I don’t even like my own kids today, so not sure why I agreed.

I offered to assist on a school excursion, which was pretty much a walk around the neighbourhood, spotting land marks and answering questions on a piece of paper handed out just before we left the school.

Chippie in tow – screaming his head off coz he wanted to sleep and the only way he can sleep of late is if he screams his head off in the process and eventually submits to the land of nod. No screaming of head off = no sleep.

He eventually went off and the teacher (a substitute, not the usual one as she managed to wangle her way out of it by ringing in with a “sick kid”. I don’t believe her for a minute) took us on a pre-mapped out route around the neighbourhood, which consisted of extremely narrow, and too narrow for the pram, laneways, and train overpasses with loads of stairs. And bypassing most of the cafe’s I frequent.

A friend rang at one point and asked what I was doing. She wasn’t to know. I didn’t mean to swear quite so much. Fortunately, the kids were a bit ahead of me. Only 15 or so standing in earshot, so I think I was ok.

Not long after, the route took us past our house. I did consider just slipping inside, locking the door behind me and pretending

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  1. I can totally empathise with your excursion experience. Reminds me of the excursion to Vic Markets I volunteered for when my oldest daughter was in prep. I rocked up with my 3 and a half year old toddler in tow and a 6 month old baby in the pram – much to the surprise of the teachers I think! I look back now and can’t imagine what I was thinking at the time. Being new to the excursion thing I also neglected to understand 2 important facts – that it was to last ALL DAY and I would be RESPONSIBLE FOR A GROUP OF KIDS AND HAD TO DO ACTIVITIES!! Feeling a little sorry for me, the teachers allocated me a group of only 3 girls including my daughter, who they assumed would obey me I guess. I had a sense of what the day would entail when one of these girls got me in trouble on the train with one of the teachers, who loudly and condescendingly stated that children should be seated for their safety (pointedly staring at me and my group). This after I had asked one of the girls 3 times to do that very thing!!! Little did I know that this same girl would spend the whole day doing the opposite of what I asked and refusing to walk with me, causing constant looks (or so it felt) from the teachers. Luckily I did not lose anyone (despite some hairy moments) and nobody was injured (despite a couple of close calls at the playground!). After an utterly exhausting day I vowed to be much more selective about excursions and to check I knew every detail of what would be required the next time if I dared to tackle it again!! Bravo to any parent who attempts it, I say.

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