The time it takes to put your shoes on

Doing the usual for the School Morning; i.e. me traing not to lose my nut while being forced to perform the same repetitive bullshit day after day.

We are ready to leave, on time, when Godzilla asks “Do you know how long it takes me to put on my shoes?”

I bit back all manner of retorts and manage a “Too fucking long? Oh, wait, sorry … no, how long does it take you?”

“Three minutes and 19 seconds,” he tells me.

Bullshit, I think.

“I know that, because that’s exacly how long I’m sexy and I know it by LMFAO goes for.”

So, there you have it. That’s how long it takes for an eight -year-old boy to put his shoes on.

Three minutes and 19 seconds.

I suspect it would be quicker if he didn’t have the distraction.

2 Replies to “The time it takes to put your shoes on”

  1. I can get FULLY DRESSED in half that time.

    Of course, I also dont’ have a penis I need to wave and waggle about for 2 minutes and 59 seconds when I’m putting my shoes on either ….

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