The Trash Pack Experience: Revisited

A few months back, I wrote about my surprising experience with The Trash Pack.

I know how these things can sometimes be a bit ‘flash in the pan’ for many kids. So thought I’d revisit and update you.

You may recall a birthday party around that same time, and my highlight as a birthday cake making mother – The Vomiting Trashie … I have no idea how I’m going to top that particular creation *sigh*

My Middlest Child received multiple additions to his Trash Pack collection at that time, and you’ll be pleased to know that the collection has continued to grow.

Kill me now!

He saves up his pocket money to purchase more and more. He is ever so delighted to discover that Series 3 Trashies are starting to make an appearance, and ever so disgusted that his parents do not fork over more pocket money so he can obtain such things as the Glow In The Dark garbage truck right now!

We have, on some days, been forced to ban the words “trash” and “pack” for fear of my sliding completely into insanity and stuffing my head in the cat’s bowl so he will shut up about them. I send him to his room to play with them.

The collection has now achieved well over 100 Trashies – 143 at last count. I did attempt to video the kids a a Dunk’n’Fizz but managed to record the corner of the table and me saying “Oh, fu… um, far out! It wasn’t bloody recording. Stupid thing.” Sorry about that. I’ll try again.

He is back to playing his iPod a little more than when Trashies were first introed into the house, but there is still a HUGE amount of Trash Play Time. I’m still impressed by this.

On the way home from school yesterday, we had the discussion that went like:

Me: “So, how was school today?”

G: “I dunno. If you could create your own Trashie, what would you call it?”

Me: “Um, I dunno. So, what did you do today?”

G: “I think they should make some guitar trashies. What would you call a guitar trashie?”

And I gave up and he kept asking me “What about a banana, what would you call that one? And a sheep trashie? What about shears? What about a dishwasher? ….”

(It is, I decided, a very, very, very looooong walk home.)

This very long walk home gave me a brilliant idea. Godzilla needs to practice his writing. And I need him to shut up. So, I merely suggested he write all these brilliant ideas down. Also, I can only think of words like “penis” and “doodle” and “bum”, which only indicate that a) my children have seriously corrupt me, b) I spend too much time

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