The Unexpected Variety Show

Tonight, I had the distinct privilege of attending an Unexpected Variety Show as written and performed by the fabulous Jenny Wynter (whom, coincidentally, I saw many many years ago – and she was fabulous back then) as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Which, incidetnally, runs from the 21st September to 9th October 2011. Last night’s performances (there were a number of acts on at the Revolt in Kensington, Melbourne) were the first.

Jen is bloody funny. Her Unexpected Variety Show is pretty much “life” … you know, we have these dreams and ambitions and “what I’ll be when I grow up” and suddenly, life – quite unexpectedly – gets in the way. More specifically, it is Jenny’s life, her dreams (Flashdance, anyone?) and plans and unforseen “stuff” and unplanned surprises.

It wasn’t, however, any old Stand Up and Be Talked At, Tears and Laughter Dramatic Story. Oh, no indeedy.

It was performed entirely in Variety Show format, complete with impromptu parodies of Meatloaf classics, the birthing suite rendition of One Night In Bangcock (a la “one night in labour”) that had our pelvic floors working overtime and a surprise appearance by Jenny’s own 9 year old daughter.

The highlight, for me, was right there, after that fabulous little duet that had us crying for two reasons; it was frigging hilarious, and tear jerking at the same time, when she hung her daughter on the hat rack.

Just priceless.

Jenny is not “just” a stand up comedian, but an incredibly talented singer … which was unexpected … becuase, well, not that I didn’t think she couldn’t sing, just I wasn’t expecting it. She really does have a fantastic signing voice. Coupled with her amazing ability to write comedy – and write comedy to music – her terrible dancing and ventriloquism, we were entertained, we laughed, we cried. Sometimes, all the same time, which made for interesting noises coming from the noses of the audience.

If it weren’t for the incredible entertaining properties of the show, it may very well have been mistaken for a self-help, personal development seminar. Only it was way more fun than it was profound. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, contained bits we could all relate to and a really great hour of fun entertainment.

Sadly, an hour was not long enough. Unexpected – yes, Variety -yes, a “show” – most definitely (oh, dear, my head went back to the birthing suite them. Um, no, not that sort of “show”). Incredibly brilliant, funny and entertaining = hell, yeah!

Worth the $20 bucks it’ll cost you to be entertained – abso-frigging-lutely!

I copied this bit off her site – but only so you could buy tix :):

The Unexpected Variety Show
Melbourne Fringe Festival
Revolt Melbourne
12 Elizabeth Street, Kensington
27 September

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  1. It was a fantastic show. I laughed, I cried, I snorted!

    Jenny has an incredible voice and her comedy songs not only told a story true to her but touched on parts of the Variety Show we all live.

    I highly recommend you treat yourself to this show.

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