The Vegemite Sandwich Shopping Tantrum Fiasco

Chippie awakes just before Grumpy needs to get up for work.

At that horrible time where there is just enough time for him to get some decent nap time before he has to get up.

I cuddle Chippie whilst Grumpy showers and gets ready for work, and leaves.

Chippie is being cute, and I’m forcing myself to make the most of it. He falls asleep. I make my escape. He wakes. I climb back into bed with him.

Mostly so I don’t have to put up with the screaming and head butting for longer than necessary.

Eventually, it reaches the point where I really need to get, because stuff needs doing. He’s not happy. I am beyond caring. I think I’m almost beyond feeling.

Am so stressed, I manage to muck up the making of the Vegemite sandwiches for school lunches. Am super impressed I have mucked up such a simple task, and wonder how I can explain it.

Perhaps should

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  1. oh dear.

    Big major healing hugs MC.

    I have been in tears in shops more times than I care to remember, admittedly never because of the kids ( I am just wired strangely).

    Knowing you, you will have already checked for new teeth, cloven hooves or whatever… I guess it’s a “phase”? I know it doesnt help much but perhaps knowing that it might end suddenly soon……..

  2. Thank you, gorgeous.

    I still have the “threes” to get through – and I know the twos are nothing on them.

    You forgot horns … I’m sure they’re sprouting …

  3. The “not giving a fuck what anyone thinks” is a wonderful skill. I wish I had it at 15, 20, 30… At least I have it now, at least as far as the kids are concerned. Tears are good…. I had a few “moments” recently on the great “moving day”. Four men, two ginormous trucks and little ol’ me, still finishing the dismantling of the “happy family home”. I was often in tears. The men were very kind and helpful and left me to my “moments”… So, motherhood is a “cinch”, is it, Jacinta?

  4. Horns….yes…I knew something was missing!

    Dont you forget the feral fours…we keep dipping in and out of those.
    My two little ones are both angels .. no really they are. But when the 4yr old throws a wobbly I seriously bemoan the fact that we dont have salt mines.

    The little one will soon go into the twos….he’ll be a devil on wheels I reckon. But at least he’ll be cute while doing it.

    (it’s 16 yr old Spawn who is a space mutant who will end up in some form of detention – I am just waiting for THE call).

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