The Very Horrible Family Day

Yet another Sunday and after a week of arse-sitting in an office, I was bouncing around like a sugared up toddler, desperate to burn off some energy.

Also, various corners of the house needed seeing to, so a Family Day it was.

Cue the “I hate Family Days” and “Family Days are Boring” and “Can’t we just stay home” and only provoking me and making me more determined to get out of the house and drag them with me.


Oh, wait. Did I do that evil laugh out loud?

Anyhoo, after much whining and yelling, and tears, and “Oh, for fuck’s sake” and being told “Er, mum, you’re so not cool, you say ‘FFS'” and a few more “for fuck’s sakes”s being uttered, we all piled into the car and off we drove.

Our first stop was some hour and a bit away, at a market somewhere in the Yarra Valley. It is also where we forced, absolutely

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