The very long and very brisk walk

Ah, people are hilarious! [end sarcasm]

Still on one car, Grumpy informed me yesterday that he would be taking the car to work today.

Leaving me without one, which is fine, as I am also childless all day.

Except for the hour or so after he leaves for work.

After much Juggling of Mind and asking for help from anyone I could think of so that I could get as much out of my kid free time as possible, I organise for older kids to be picked up at just after 8a.m. and I’d walk Chippie to childcare.

T’is but along walk and I did it very briskly. Then, of course, was the walk home. Not having anywhere to leave the pram, and not wanting to walk home carrying a water bottle, keys and phone, and contemplating the likelihood of Grumpy leaving the pram at day care, I chose to walk it home. The very long walk home.

Which is where the hilarity

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  1. ha ha ha OMG I love it!

    Please can you walk around a major shopping centre with infant twins in a double pram and put every idiot commenter back in their place… really… it would make right a HUGE grudge I hold against society in general. Thanks

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