The worst thing that could happen to me…


I got up and checked the emails. Hit play on the CD player. The Veronicas – grrr.

I look for Pump. Not in the case. Sitting face down on the coffee table.

Glare at Godzilla. To cross for words. He got the point.

We had discussion about which CD was going to be played. Put Pump safely in its cover, for when I had the house to myself.

I did the school lunch and dropoff thing. The entertain Godzilla thing. The gymnastics and kinder dropoff thing.

I turned the computer on for two hours uninterrupted work. While it was booting up, I turned the CD player on. I hit play.

It was the damned Veronicas. Again.

I turn to the CD case, the one I need. I open it carefully.

There is no CD in there!

It has gone. I search frantically. Under the coffee table. In the DVD player, the spare CD player. I search every slot like orifice in the house. I check under the TV, DVD and CD players. All of them. I check in every Cd case I can find, the CD drives on my computer and the spare computer (which hasn’t been plugged in for 18 months).

It has gone.

I lie on the floor, curl into the foetal position. My life no longer has any meaning … how can I work in these conditions …

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