There goes my social life

Received some goodies in the post today; a gorgeous range of clothing from Verily and my saute pan from Chef’s Toolbox, which I ordered only days ago and wasn’t expecting till sometime next week before I had a tantrum and it arrive 6-8 weeks later.

That was my moment of excitement for the entire day. I stupidly decided I would utilise the new saute pan and wrote a list of ingredients I would need to prepare some stove top pizzas for dinner, given it was Friday night, I usually do home

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  1. You are sooooo nice to worry about that lady having no wine. Where do you shop and at what time? PS You hubby sounds like a gem – hope it was a stiff one.

  2. I was just trying to explain to my husband yesterday that when he is “kind” and “helpful” and does the shopping for me, I don’t get to leave the house, hence I only talk to a baby or computer all day. He doesn’t see the problem. I think he’d actually be happy if that was the only interaction required of him. I can’t even have wine because I’m pregnant and don’t want the baby’s brain to look like a prune. [I’d much prefer it to look like a bum with squiggly lines]. Ah well I can still have a good whine 🙂

  3. Mrs Woog – Coles Moonee Ponds and whenver the hell I remember or we run out of cat food or wine or other essentials. Like wine.

    Tab, I feel your pain. Also, hubby doing shopping creates more stress – mine buys heaps of stuff we have heaps of in cupboards, none of what we need, and the flavoured tuna that is on special because no one buys it *sigh*

    I am an empathetic fellow mother and happy to help you out. Please send all your wine my way so it doesn’t tease you from the fridge or wine rack. I will do this for you. xox

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