There goes that idea

Ah, big plans and a big list for today.

Actually, it was a small plan … attend to big list.

Grumpy Pants had to be elsewhere, an additional child was dropped off at house and even-snottier (could it be possible???) felt that climbing onto my lap with snot steaming out his nose and screaming loudly would aid me in writing the article that was (over) due.

Oh, I so love writing under these circumstances. Actually, I love doing anything under these circumstances.

And I am also a big fat liar. Part of the “big” and “fat” are due to deficit of ability to leave house. Feel much stress would be relieved if I could run, screaming from it.

Alas, my list is left to fend for it’s snot covered self, yet again.

On the upside, I did manage to work out what the toddler is saying when he screams at me “mine gom!”

Apart from having well established that everything is his (a la “mine”) the “gom” actually refers to the tender engine, Gordon, from Thomas and Friends fame.

Where there you go.

I must now write it on my list with snot covered pen, so I may tick it off and feel as though I have acheived soemthing of worth in my life today.

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