There's no need to be honest!

Pupil free day at school today. Allegedly ‘in leui’ of reporting day or some such thing. I secretly susepct the teachers are still recovering from Darby Day, or getting themselves organised for the Cup tomorrow.

Or both.

Have Health Nurse checkup with Chippie. Not him I’m worried about so much, as I’m still lamenting my flabby bits and lack of ability to wear flouro coloured hipsters and stuck wearing beige, postnatal undies. So I walked to checkup.

Haven’t been able to walk for two weeks due to icky head and chest cold, so lovely to get out. But I’d forgotten and worn jeans, so not a great walk anyway.

Check up went well. Getting longer and heavier by the day. Yadda yadda. All the usual, how’s he going, how’s the feeding etc etc?

As we’re walking out the door, the nurse enquires as to whether I’m eating or not.

Hell, yeah. I’m still eating for three.

“Just you’re looking thin. Very thin.”

Pfft. When I’m fitting into by pre-Chippie jeans, then I’ll take you seriously. She almost lost my respect as a sensible person for a minute there.

I got home and relayed the conversation to Grumpy.

“She thinks you’re looking thin? I better have words to her.”

Humph. Thanks. And he wonders why I’m not inspired for intimacy. And why I cry when I look at my unworn flouro pink hipster undies.

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