There's nothing like a bit of incentive

Grumpy head off to work this morning – another last minute “we need someone to cover” and thus it was he – so I got the Morning Duties. Which are always fun.

Especially today, as we ran out of coffee beans when I set the machine on Friday night, and we’re down to enough of the ground beans for me to have Not Quite a MUG of coffee for breaky. Things are looking grim.

Made even more fun by the fact that I hadn’t changed the clock on the big kids’ bedroom, so there were still an hour ahead, and I had a bit of evil fun that resulted in Monkey Boy thinking they were getting the day off school because we’d had such a big weekend. Or that I had, just maybe, decided to become the Best Mum in The World and not send them today. Or something.

Chippie slept right up till the last minute, refused food and I had to do the “He hasn’t had breakfast” thing at childcare. The guilt was compounded by the fact that I had just walked up the hill to childcare with two open bottles of sauvignon blanc in the bottom

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