These are a few of my favourite things …

Left in solitude for most of the day, I almost forgot to do the school pickup.

Amazing how 15 minutes can vanish just like that. Also amazing, is how Murphy’s Law can work it’s way into your day, and steal those 15 minutes just at that moment when you have worked out that issue that’s been bugging you all day [insert lightbulb moment] and you have to go pick up kids just at that moment the solution is clear and tangible.

I Brisk Walked (part of my exercise regime), got the blood flowing, and the head cleared, allowing me to think, contemplate stuff and assess my day. It’s been a good one. Positive from start to finish. Happy and smiling for the most part. Nothing seemed to big.

These are my favourite days. Well, except for the fact I’m not on a tropical island, lying beside a crystal clear beach and having a buff, semi-naked man bring me cocktails at regular intervals. But, it’s doable.

And with this happiness and positivity in my head, I picked the kids up, and contemplated a few of my other favourite things. As they happened.

These are a few of my favourite things:

  • Spending half an hour trying to locate middle child, then spending 20 minutes yelling at him to move, and getting just far enough away from the school gate in the direction of home and him saying “I need to go toilet. I’m busting”
  • Having that “Why wouldn’t you go to the toilet instead of spending that last 20 minutes on the playground and me yelling at you to hurry up” conversation
  • Picking the toddler up from childcare and having him scream the whole way home and me wanting to take him back and leave him there for the next 18 years
  • The eldest child crooning to middle child, about smelliness of his bum
  • That competition where one child does his best to annoy the other, and second child overreacts, then ups the ante in the annoying stakes. Annoying behaviour increases as same rate as overreaction to being annoyed
  • The toddler headbutting me in the vagina while I’m trying to cook dinner
  • The toddler screaming at me for a Weet Bix
  • Taking my slipper off to scratch my foot and it being abducted by toddler and I it doesn’t matter where I walk, I stand on crumbly Weet Bix bits and they stick to my foot
  • The toddler driving a train, repeatedly and wheels first, into my head

Really, however, I think my favouritist thing on days like this is when I open the fridge and there is actually wine in there!


4 Replies to “These are a few of my favourite things …”

  1. That’s wierd, I have just been considering starting a series of posts on this topic at Great Circle. Not sure now whether to see yours as divine encouragement to get on with it … or a warning against plagiarism!!

    These are funny (for us). The fourth from last one… all I can add is that you can be thankful you have no scrotum (or its contents) when that happens.

  2. Yes, Mrs Woog, it is! Danielle, thank you for laughing at my expense 😛

    Pete, I sincerely hope i have no further opportunities to post such topics. Now am appearing deluded.

    Given it is you, thoughts of plagiarism would not have entered head. More “Great Minds Think Alike” would have been first thought. Given it is you.

    And me.

    That, or “brain function good not kids has” commonality?

    I should also add to that particular point “REPEATEDLY head butt in vagina whilst cooking dinner”

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