They do it to get you

It’s been about 14 years since I did the last grocery shop.

It got pretty bad. So bad that the kids had noticed and were beyond saying “Have we got any weetbix?” and to the point of “Please do the shopping today, Mummy. Pleeeeeeaaaaaase!”

Yep. So bad they were using their manners.


You see, apart from it being such a crap job and the chocoalte teddy bear biscuits never being on sale, I can never time it so I don’t have two smallest children with me. I used to do it at 10pm, but nowdays, I’m up to my second nightly feed and unable to function. Well, I’m not able to function all that well at the best of times, but 10pm is a write off.

But … things were looking up. Chippie managed to coordinate his feeds so that when Grumpy returned from school dropoff, I could do the shopping. Childfree. Childless. Alone!


Not time for a latte unfortunately. But still …

I even remembered to take the green bags of varying colours.

I find a park.

The trolley man has returned all trolleys to outside the store, and they’re all neatly lined up and accessible.

And … what is this?

Oh! Shiney, brand new trolleys. How exciting!

(And I need a life!)

This is going to be a good day. And nice to know that the increases in price on every item I purchase on a regular basis gone towards something worthwhile.

Shiny, brand new trolleys. Toddler seats that work. Handles without cracks.

Could it really be?

I grasp a handles, and the trolley slides back with ease.

I’m almost orgasmic with delight.

(Did I mention I need a life?)

Almost to scared to speak for fear of it all being a joke, I say to the lady (with children) also admiring the new carts, “Oh, how wonderful. We may just be able to push these around the supermarket without a problem.”

She nods enthusasitically, large smile plastered on her face.

Alas. I was once again lulled into a false sense of security.

As bright, shiny, unchipped and toddler-seat-worky as they were, the left front wheel was still wonky.

I did my shop, with a fop, fop, fop, fop of wheel the whole way.

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