They have such great imaginations

I have declared 2009 Year of the Kitchen Appliance Breakdown.

We’ve replaced the microwave, the coffee machine, the kettle. And the toaster. But that’s only because it no longer matched any other appliance in the kitchen.

Now it’s the dishwasher. Again. But this time, it appears dead.

Grumpy and I had fight over who got to break news to kids, then get them to dry the dishes we had to then wash.

They’re so creative when it comes to not wanting to do something. They’re also very quick learners. After weeks of having to dry dishes by hand some months back, they do know that a tantrum or argument just won’t cut it, and it’s not worth their effort.

Godzilla quickly informed me that the process of dishwasher failure cause sink breakage and he was unable to assist with dishwashing process, because “I told you! The sink is broken!

Hours of proving sink was, in fact, quite intact and functional extracted semi-reluctant co-ooperation from him.

Sink workage caused Monkey Boy to become a cow, his hooves rendering his ability to be helpful competely

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