They'd be my boobies, thanks very much

An early wakeup by Chippie, again, drag him into bed with us and he helps himself to a feed.

Meanwhile, Grumpy decides the “spare” breast is up for a groping.

(I swear I have no idea, Officer. One minute I was lying there and he grabbed my boob, and the next minute, there were his testicles ripped off and in my hand).

Godzilla then came in for a cuddle, all wriggly and pointy bitted, managing as he always does to jab the side of my boob with his pointy elbows, then climb over me, into the middle of the bed and plant a knee around the nipple area.

By which point, I was ready to scream.

Grumpy got up and left for work, and I set about the task of rounding up various children and forcing them to leave the house for the evils of school. Allegedly getting their school bags together in order to leave, I attempted to gather 20 seconds to myself to get dressed. Monkey Boy, of course, walked in when I was topless and made the usual “boobies hehehe” noises and something so hilarious I can’t now recall what it was. Something to do with boobs. And given it was 8 year old boy funny, I doubt anyone else would find it hilarious. Except, quite possibly, males under the age of

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