They're at it AGAIN!

I swear this kid must be a genius.

Especially if you follow the theory that “lying is a sign of intellegence”.

I’m gonna stick with it, coz it makes me feel like I’m doing a good job. But I do wonder how intellegent he really is, lying like he is. Coz I don’t think I’m that much of an idiot, to be honest.

Or maybe I am.

His kinder friend was picked up at the same time his brother was dropped off. And the first thing they are required to do when they get home is remove their lunch boxes from their bags and place them on the kitchen sink for washing.

If they don’t, well, stiff bikkies – I forget to check them and they have to go to school (or kinder) with the previous days leftovers in their lunchbox. I mean, I can’t remember everything.

So, the routine commences…

“Unpack your bags, lunchboxes out, you know the rules!”

Which means Godzilla unpacks his and eats whatever is remaining, and Monkey Boy goes and does something – anything – but what he has been asked to do, then gets upset when I ask him another 4,687,823 times before getting really angry 3.5 hours later and yelling at him to do it.

Off they go to do their ‘job’ and I do a bit more work before embarking on the Dinner Preparation Treadmill. I check again, “have you done your lunchboxes”

“Urrrgggghhhhh!” replies Monkey Boy.

“Yes,” Godzilla informs me. “But something went wrong.”

“What do you mean something went wrong? What happened?”

“Well, the Toof Fairies poured my food in the bin!”

I’m guessing he means whatever he didn’t eat, which is fine. Except that he’s been told not to throw food in the bin like that, and just leave the lunchbox on the sink.

“Aha. And why would they do that?”

“Well. They were just bein’ rude!”

*sigh* Does he really think I’m gonna fall for it?

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