They're off.

Grumpy Pants and Monkey Boy are off on their 10 day jaunt in Thailand tomorrow morning, with Grumpy’s family.

Spent the day washing, and the late afternoon packing for Monkey Boy – Grumpy is big enough to pack for himself – wtih Monkey Boy “helping”. To the point where he was being so helpful it was actually becoming annoying and really unhelpful.

But we got him sorted, while Godzilla hovered over us saying “I’n goin’ Thailand, too. Where is my airport bag?”

And would not be told otherwise.

Not sure how I’m feeling about them going – or how I will go spending 10 days with just Godzilla and I.

Particularly as he’s just re-discovered the Wiggles – 10 days of the Wiggles and Veronica’s.

Worse, 10 days and my Pump CD is still missing!

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