They're so cute when they don't know it

There we all are, happily sitting together, as a family, watching TV.

The usual happy family; me in the kitchen, cooking, Chippie ramming trains into anyone who attempts to sit on the couch, Grumpy Pants yelling at everyone who rams a train into him whilst he’s sitting on the couch, Godzilla bouncing over everything and Monkey Boy leaping over the back of the couch and proceeding to lie on anyone who is attempting to sit quietly on the couch and Grumpy Pants yelling at … by this stage, everyone.

In an attempt to distract Chippie, Grumpy points to the telly and says “Look what that monkey is doing with his paws!”

Then he stops andthinks and says “Hands?”

Then “Do monkey’s have paws? Or hands?”

Without skipping a beat, Monkey Boy replies “I dunno. Wadda you have?”

This causes me to snort wine out my nose.

It took me some time to regain composure and breath again.

I had no hope of answering his question, however.

This being “What did I do that was so funny?”

Ah, they’re so cute when they don’t know it.

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