They're Still NOT Talking About You

I’ve been sitting back this week, watching the emotional fallout of this, I thought, innocuous image.

Or, apparently, not so innocuous at all – and the image itself, along with messages of immense support and vitriolic hate have gone viral.

Why I’m so incredulous about it is, well, a few things.

Not least is that there is some campaign that goes around each year, entitled “I heart my body” (google it) that encourages women to get their gear off (much like that in the image above), take photos and post them on their blogs and talk about how much they are learning to like – nay,

7 Replies to “They're Still NOT Talking About You”

  1. Once again, Mad Cow, you’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s very simple. The truth hurts.

    We all know how much time and effort and focus it takes to attain and keep a body like that. It is a choice that mother makes every minute of every day. When people look at that image and feel bad,it is all about their own personal demons. As you said, it is not meant for them.

    Look inward haters.

  2. I saw exactly what you did in this picture – a woman reminding others that they can achieve their goals – getting fit, pursuing a hobby, going to see a movie now and then that isn’t animated, staying fit and healthy. Having children is not a reason to no longer prioritise yourself and your needs.

    I don’t have a body like that, but I’ve certainly never blamed three pregnancies and the busyness of raising three children. I blame the fact that I am completely and utterly unable to resist the siren call of the chocolate aisle at the supermarket. 🙂

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