Things in Life That Suck

A random list of things, in no particular order, that suck in life:



Late Stage Dementia


Financial Stress

Job Stress



Aspergers / Autism

Domestic / Family violence

Separation and Divorce

Job stress

Job insecurity

Kids not eating what you cook for them

Finding two minute noodles scattered across the kitchen floor. Every day

Friends who aren’t really friends

Death of a loved one

Not having enough time in the day


Things not going to plan …

… I’m sure there’s a lot more that could be added to this list.

All these things, every one of them, is a part of my life right now.

Some of them affect me directly.

Some of them are impacting on those who live in my house.

Some of them are happening to extended family, close friends, and people whom I come into contact with regularly.

I am, even though I may not be directly experiencing the sucky thing, I’m still impacted in some way. Partly

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