Things like this are bound to happen

Flat out with a software thing I’m trying to get my head around, school holidays and Grumpy – a teacher – working all of the first week of the holidays, my day is somewhat hectic.

Thankfully, only two children home, but a meeting in my kitchen this morning and Monkey Boy being dropped off before lunch. Mobile phone playing up and ringing or telling me there’s a message when it feels like it, I notice a missed call, no message left, and two messages; confirmation of a “play date” this afternoon, and dinner this evening.

No drama, Monkey Boy will be home in plenty of time for us to go grab Grumpy Pants on the way to the activity centre.

Meeting finishes just on lunchtime, and Monkey Boy not yet home. Ah, well, “lunchtime” is relative, and we still have 2.5 hours before we need to leave.

He’s not back at 1, or at 1.30. Or 2pm. And I start to wonder whether I was to go pick him up before lunch. Quite likely, now I think of it. Can’t quite recall the arrangements, as brain was full of lots of … other stuff.

I figure the polite thing to do would be to ring and assure friend’s mum I’m on my way, pack snacks and changes of clothes, ring Grumpy to let him know I am coming to get him. Can’t find phone number, so just head over.

To an empty house … hrm. Race home, ring Grumpy again and ransack house in search of phone number that was written in 7 year old on a scrap of paper and never made it to the address book.

During process of ransacking it does occur to me … I’ve left my son in the care of a lady, albeit a very nice one, who’s phone number I don’t have and I have no idea where they are.

Consider perhaps should be slightly more vigilant.

Check any left messages 5 times; You have no new messages. Please stop bloody ringing. You know you’ll be notified if you have a message. Did we notify you? NO we did not, so please fuck off and stop bothering us!!! It’s not our fault you can’t find your son.

Last ditch effort, I recall a missed call earlier on, from a familiar looking number. The number of someone I’m surprised didn’t leave a message. Ring it, expecting a male work colleague. But, no. It is school friend’s mum!


Apparently, she did leave a message. And I wasn’t told. She left a message saying she was taking the kids out after lunch and to ring if there was a problem. She didn’t hear from me, so took the kids out.

At least I know where he is … and considering asking kids to nominate me for Mum of the year.

Grab Grumpy, who, despite my leaving home late and him telling me he’ll “be ten more mintues” was another 23 minutes, and off we go to outdoor activity play centre.

Grumpy taught Godzilla how to catch pigeons, by luring them in with the snacks that I’d brought, while Chippie sat by and sucked on some peppercorns that had fallen off a tree.

Godzilla then decided he wanted a snack (which, by now had all been eaten by pigeons) and Chippie was happily waving goodbye to everyone and spitting sucked on peppercorns into my cleavage.

Quite a shock when the first one hit, let me tell you.

Time to go, methinks. Besides, have to go and locate eldest son somewhere and get home in time for bath and dressed for dinner.

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