Things we resort to

Awoke after a terrible night’s sleep, although wondering whether you can actualy have a “terrible night’s sleep” if you don’t actualy get any.

Or “awake after one” for that matter.

Things then went entirely to pieces when technological things prevented me from accessing the world other than the one I am forced to function in, depriving me of knocking off any of my to do list. Or chatting with virtual people.

Wandering around aimlessly, as I find it rather difficult to function when technology-less, I found myself on the floor after the ironing basket tossed itself at me, flattening me. I think it was trying to tell me something.

So, I ironed. I’m unsure of the last time I actually did this, so it took some time to get started. Mostly due to the fact I spent several minutes swearing at it for not being hot enough, triple checking the heat and steam settings, swearing some more, pondering how an appliance can be worn out from overuse when it is barely used … then I switched it on at the power point …

The first shirt I picked up had dust on it. It’s ok, the dust was on the inside, so won’t be noticed when worn.

I located a nice shirt of Monkey Boy’s, which was a good thing as he has a party this afternoon, so he can wear it. Although, hmmm, if he does, then it will only wind up back in the ironing basket again … not sure if I’m amenable to that particular idea.

A few shirts down I found a cream coloured shirt of Grumpy’s. I don’t actually recall him owning one of this colour. Then again, it’s been a while, so not surprising I can’t remember. Or, quite possibly, it was once white. I’ve already done a white shirt though, so considered variety being a good thing.

Condition and comb through Monkey Boy’s curly locks, which is always fun, then blow dry it before heading off to take him to a Harry Potter party. This has the effect of fooffing it out and causing Grumpy Pants to hilariously mention that

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